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About Opportunity 180

We believe in the power of a safe and excellent public education. Our team is committed to help increase the number of high-quality seats within our neighborhood public schools. As a nonprofit organization, we offer resources to grow and launch great public schools, invest in organizations and leaders that will provide students with outstanding educational opportunities, and collaboratively help prove that every child can achieve, regardless of ethnicity, zip code or family income.

Parents are a school’s #1 partner when it comes to student success. To be a better partner, it is important to understand how school quality is measured and how schools are being held accountable to the success of all students. We want families to have easy access to information and data about how their neighborhood public schools are doing, so we created a data tool to showcase the 2017 Nevada School Performance Framework (NSPF) results.

Commitment to Quality

Every child can achieve. Adults have a moral responsibility to set high expectations for the success of every child, regardless of their unique needs, and to be held accountable to providing the support each child needs to meet those expectations.

Commitment to working together. The work of creating excellent public schools for all kids can’t be accomplished alone. It’s important to operate with a willingness to explore data, emerging trends, and other perspectives at the school and community levels to help ensure meaningful and lasting impact is made for all students in all public schools. The categories below are a start to the critical hands-on-deck in public education, and what each role should be held accountable for.

Key Players & Roles

Parents are a critical partner in their child’s education — the growth and success of their child is a priority, they advocate for their child, and they seek to understand how they support their child’s success inside and outside of the classroom.

Teachers foster the learning of all students, regardless of their unique backgrounds and needs. Teachers have an unwavering commitment to effectively engage all students, give them the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in college, career and life, and continuously improve year-after-year.

Principals establish a safe and inclusive school culture aligned to a vision for quality learning and growth of all students. Principals should also celebrate the success of excellent teachers and support the improvement of those who aren’t showing improvement towards student achievement.

The state and districts are accountable to providing resources and school-based support — by aligning on goals, setting clear expectations, supporting the development of teachers and leading improvements to chronically low-performing schools — to ultimately serve all students.